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Being on our website https://medkratom.com/ – you agree to the following:

1) You are 18 years old. All goods (plants) on our website are legal in most European countries. The site doesn’t contradict the current legislation of the European Union and is absolutely legal in the majority of countries of the world. All details of the official status of the plant in your country you can find here or look in the legislation of the country of your domicile.

2) You don’t have: mental disorders, chronic diseases of the central nervous system, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic diseases of the liver, genitourinary system, disorders of the body of other nature; you are not pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also, the combined use of the goods from our site with medicinal agents, alcohol or drugs, and manipulating mechanical devices or any other mechanisms is not recommended.

3) The information, which our website and our employees provides about usage and effects of the goods is general. It should not be considered as the recommendation for use. All items descriptions presented on this web-site are the opinions of a number of specialists and aren’t a public offer or medical description. The goods (plants) of our site aren’t medicines or dietary supplements.

4) We can not guarantee you’ll get the effect that you imagined. Most of the goods presented on the site may have individual characteristics for different people due to many personal factors.

5) We can guarantee that the personal datum you provided while sending the application won’t be used for some other purposes, except for the delivery of your order.

6) You can return the goods within 14 days from the date of the order if the integrity of the packaging is maintained — in case you understand that you made an order by mistake, or our managers sent you the wrong goods. If the package has been opened, the returning of the goods (package) back to the store is not provided. You should scrutinize the goods you’ve received — each of the products has an exact description. It allows correctly identify the product before opening the package. If you don’t agree with the regulations of our user agreement that set out above, please leave this resource https://medkratom.com/

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