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The uniqueness of this plant is that its effects are unique in its action, so you can approach it my way and brewing your grade kratom, its number and its frequency of use.
The effects of kratom:
– As a replacement therapy for throwing akogol, tobacco, or hard drugs;
– Analgesic (helps with chronic pain) effect;
– Reducing the level of anxiety and excitement experienced after psihotravm;
– Relaxation of smooth muscles (eg after heavy phys. Loads;
– Increased metabolism (metabolism);
– Control of blood sugar levels;
– Antioxidant protection of the organism;
– Increasing your activity and overall energy capacity and tone;
– A natural immunostimulant – increase the protective functions of the body;
– Anti-virus, anti-bacterial protection;
– Treatment of sexual dysfunction, activation of libido in men and women;
– Antiparasitic defenses of the body;
– As cholagogue;
Use Kratom best course of about 10 days to 1 \ 3 1 teaspoon once a day as a tea brewing and drinking without sediment (sediment can be brewed repeatedly). Exceed the dosage is not recommended! Not recommended control by mechanical means and mechanisms.


250g, 500g, 1kg

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