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You are welcome on our site If you are looking for this information, it means you want to be our client. To place an order and to get the article, you wish, you only need to take the following steps:

  • add to the cart prefered sort and name of the Kratom tea (or a couple of them). While pushing the button the article you chose automatically get into your cart;
  • after you added all wishful articles, open your cart (in the upper right conner of the page);
  • check the list of articles in your cart, remove unwanted articles, be sure your list of articles is complete. Look attentively on subtotal numbers (the price and total cost is in EUR);
  • here you have an order form, you should feel in correctly, to get your goods. Follow all tips and recommendations to fill it in right way;
  • review with our shipment and payment policy to choose the most convenient for you way(вставить ссылку на оплату и доставку);
  • if you are sure the information in the order form is correct – place an order, pushing the button.

Be sure, our manager will get your order form automatically, than check your payment and, if there are no bugs, will pack ordered articles. If we have some problems with your order – we will call you back. You can also Contact us, to get an information about the status of your order.

Lets be in touch, to purchase easily and securely!