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A chicken flu pandemic is inevitable—so we're instructed. First pointed out in China, this it seems that cruel virus, which originated in chickens, has the aptitude to mutate and kill millions, even hundreds of thousands of individuals. John Farndon bargains a compact, one-stop learn that tells it immediately. the general public doesn’t are looking to spend months doing study, and fowl Flu offers readers with the entire worthwhile info. this can be anything that can’t be dismissed and ignored––people quite do want to know if there's something to worry, and if that is so, what can they do approximately it?

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Later, the flu viruses re-emerge into the lake in the birds’ faeces. Unlike human flu viruses which go for the cells of the human lungs, these bird flu viruses are happy in the guts of these birds. It seems to be a harmless kind of arrangement, and scientists have identified dozens of different strains of flu living in the guts of a single flock of birds. An uncomfortable relationship In humans, pigs and other mammals, however, flu is not nearly so comfortable. Flu in humans and pigs is probably quite a new disease, arising no more than five centuries ago as a direct result of the way humans, pigs and birds became crowded together in farms and villages.

Some can endure searing heat or frigid cold, and others can survive radiation levels lethal to humans. Many bacteria flourish in the mild environment of the human body. Each square centimetre of your skin averages about 100,000 bacteria. Most bacteria are harmless. In fact, barely 1 in 100 actually causes disease. Many that live in your body are actually beneficial, like the Lactobacillus acidopholus bacteria that lives in your intestine, helps digest Bird flu doc 9/11/05 3:24 pm Page 30 30 • EVERY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW: BIRD FLU food and kills off some germs.

What is remarkable about phagocytes is that they can tell which cells are pathogens such as bacteria and which are the body’s own cells. It turns out that pathogens have a number of minute features that distinguish them from other cells. Collectively, these are called pathogenassociated molecular patterns or PAMPs, and phagocytes have receptors that allow them to detect PAMPs. Using PAMPs, phagocytes are very good at dealing with many bacteria and fungi. But they’re no good at dealing with bacteria that are coated with capsules or toxins that disguise the PAMPs.

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