Francesca Lia Block's Beautiful Boys: Two Weetzie Bat Books PDF

By Francesca Lia Block

ISBN-10: 0060594357

ISBN-13: 9780060594350

ISBN-10: 0061658804

ISBN-13: 9780061658808

Two darkly magical Weetzie Bat tales in regards to the look for self from Francesca Lia Block: Missing Angel Juan and Baby Be-Bop.

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At first I put them away and didn’t look at them but I kept thinking about you. ” Her eyes roll in her head. I want to leave but instead I sit down and start playing with the paints on the table. It feels good to squeeze the tubes of paint. Smell the stinkster turpentine. Vixanne sits down next to me. I want to paint a picture of Angel Juan. As big as life. A boy that will never leave. “I like to be alone,” Vixanne says. “I’ve started painting. ” I listen to the sound of her voice and feel all the twilight purple eyes watching me while my hand moves by itself in the shadowy room.

I go stand by the window. New York is like a forbidden box. I am looking down into it. There’s the firefly building on Angel Juan’s card and the dark danger streets. All these sparkling electric treasures and all these strange scary things that shouldn’t have been let out but they 43 beautiful boys all were. And somewhere, down there, with the angels and the demons, is Angel Juan. I plug in the globe lamp and lie down on Mallard and Meadows’s carpet under the blankets in a corner. “Apotropaic,” Meadows said.

It’s jiggling doing a jig. Then it flashes in a piece of broken mirror and I go over to look but instead of me I see this guy. He’s black and white and flickery like an old movie; he’s wearing a rumpled black suit and a top hat like a spooky circus ringmaster. Light is filling him up like he swallowed it and it is coming through his pores, making him kind of fidget-dance around in the mirror like one of the plastic skeletons on my charm bracelet. His eyes are ringed with dark shadows like the negatives of two moons before a rain.

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