Ḥarsūsī texts from Oman: based on the field materials of by Harry Stroomer PDF

By Harry Stroomer

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Limitations of space precluded going through detailed argumentation on all those phenomena here. The working hypothesis that there is no V-to-C movement in BP because V doesn’t move out of vP, first put forth by Ambar (2005), is to be seen as a step in the explanation of this phenomenon across languages. 25. ” 26. Considering Chomsky’s second option, what features of T differentiate EP from BP remains open. Work in progress starts showing that different structures in BP acquire modality values not available in their EP equivalents.

By Charlotte Galves, 181–194. Campinas: Editora da UNICAMP. Tense domains in BP and EP – vP, CP and phases  Un ive rsi ty O sn ab rue ck Giorgi, Alessandra & Fabio Pianesi. 2000. “Complementizer Deletion”. , University of Ca’Foscari, Venice & ITC/IRST, Povo, Trento. Haegeman. Liliane. 1996. “Verb Second, the Split CP and Null Subjects in Early Dutch Finite Clauses”. GenGenP 4. 133–175. Kato, Mary A. & Eduardo Raposo. 2007. “Topicalization in European and Brazilian Portuguese”. Romance Linguistics: Selected papers from the 36th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages ed.

We therefore suppose that the absence of tokens of aspectual particles other than ariere and avant in our corpus simply reflects the low frequency of these uses to begin with (for example, although we have found 258 total instances of avant and 120 total instances of ariere, there are only 19 tokens of contreval and 20 tokens of contremont in our prose corpus (cf. Burnett & Tremblay in press). The case of the particle hors illustrates this point. Although aspectual uses of the particle hors/fors are attested elsewhere in the literature (cf.

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Ḥarsūsī texts from Oman: based on the field materials of T.M. Johnstone by Harry Stroomer

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