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Sturgis's division would advance against the bridge itself and was on both sides of the Lower Bridge Road with Willcox's division, the IX Corps reserve, behind it. The Kanawha Division had been split so that Scammon's brigades were paired with Rodman's, following them in support, and Crook was operating with Sturgis. Bumside took a hand in the day's offensive by directing Crook to lead the assault on the bridge the next day in honor of his command's good service at South Mountain. The IX Corps also had a formidable artillery force of several batteries on hand.

Send up the stragglers. Take any cavalry about there and send up at the point of the sword. " Pendleton was not able to send much aid. The only force that Lee could count on to provide a fresh influx of manpower was A. P. Hill's division on the march from Harper's Ferry. With the initiative sacrificed on this part of the field, the last chance for a significant Federal victory fell on the final major assault to be made that day, that by Major General Ambrose Burnside's IX Corps against the far Confederate right flank held by Brigadier General David R.

Shouted the captain. 1 can't' said the man; and the captain finally ordered some of the men to lay him under the bank, where he wouldn't get hit. The next day the man reported for duty. " A member of the 9th Nexv Hampshire's Company F told that he and his comrades found that Rebel musketry was not the only deadly missives causing concern, they also suffered a rain of railroad iron fired from enemy cannon. A large piece, almost 15 inches long, had whizzed close by this soldier's head and tumbled over the ground nearby.

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