Dr. Douglas M. Baker's Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man's Origin PDF

By Dr. Douglas M. Baker

ISBN-10: 0906006031

ISBN-13: 9780906006030

This paintings is an holistic method of the cosmic foundation of humanity. the writer offers with the advanced subject of Globes, Rounds and Chains, and offers an outline of the early races of guy in the world. sincerely illustrated with charts and diagrams.

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The rate and extent of change through acquired characteristics is due to pressures exerted on the evolutionary process by the Seven Rays, Those Builders, divine implementers of universal mind. Rays change constantly from period to period, waxing and waning, sweeping in and out of manifestation. The Third Ray will bring pressures to bear on evolutionary forces that will encourage diversification of form, enlargement of structure and densification. The Second Ray tends towards creating pressures that reduce bulk and emphasise cohesion, refinement and quality.

He was accused of tampering with his only remaining specimen, the midwife toad (Alytes obstetricans) to fake the evidence. Discouraged by the contempt of scientific colleagues and the accusation of forgery, he shot himself on an Austrian mountain path on September 23rd, 1926. A Viennese newspaper contained the following statement in its obituary:- If our social and scientific establishment were to approach Kammerer's dead body, the corpse would life its arm, as the old German legend has it, to indicate the presence of his assassins: a social order which denies an eminent scientist that secure existence which is indispensable for creative activity; a scientific orthodoxy that denied him the recognition, the means for teaching and research which are his due, only because he did not think, feel and act in an orthodox manner.

Thus, the criterion of reproduction, which has been used to distinguish the quick from the dead, has failed and the problem of defining a living thing, always a difficult one, has become even more difficult. " Crystals are alive within cells and practising the equivalent of animal hibernation when out of them. Are we not restricted from applying this proposition that all crystals are all alive, merely because we lack the scientific know-how to prove it. Once we accept that life may exist in even the smallest particles of matter, we must also accept that the whole of the planet is alive.

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Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man's Origin by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

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