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44 Guatemala is n o longer a banana republic. The days are long gone when the United Fruit Company, furious at being deprived of its banana estates by a reforming government in the 1950s, could expect the CIA to help overthrow the president. Neither is Guatemala a political fiefdom of one man, as its neighbor Nicaragua used to be in Somoza's day. N o r is it ruled by an oligarchy as in El Salvador. Until recently, to judge by outward appearances, it was a successfully developing country, still with much poverty, to be sure, but also with high annual rates of growth, industrializing fast, discovering rich deposits of oil and nickel, and building up a broad-based middle class.

They then held my hand and hit me with truncheons in my palms and on my hands, each one taking turns. After all this my whole body was swollen and red and I could not stand on my feet. As if all this was not enough, Umit Er dal attacked me and forced me to the ground— They tried to penetrate my feminine organ with the end of a truncheon. As I resisted they hit my body and legs with a large axe 37 War is a savage breaker-up of families. The civil war in Nicaragua disrupted a whole nation. Children were left in refugee camps to fend for themselves.

The third culprit is the competition between the Western nations themselves. At one time the United States was in the 42 arms trade business almost alone. These days both Britain and France are seriously at the game of outselling the Americans. T h e United States is still the Third World's largest arms salesman, providing, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 3 8 percent of the world's totals. Britain and France, however, are providing another 18 percent. Indeed, adding all the Western sales together, one gets the figure of 61 percent of the total arms sales to the T h i r d World.

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