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By Barbara Bigelow

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A suite of annotated records on the subject of the yankee Revolution, together with speeches, autobiographical textual content, and proclamations.

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Others did not plead ignorance but acted in a spirit of defiance. In Rhode Island, for example, Governor Samuel Ward (1715–1776) refused to carry out the terms of the Stamp Act. In other colonies, courts closed to protest the required stamps on legal documents, and trading ships set sail without bothering to obtain the proper, stamped papers. Printers continued to print on unstamped paper, and newspapers continued to publish—including many articles on the danger of the Stamp Act to American liberties.

Over the next few months, British imports to America fell by nearly half. Five people were killed during fighting between Bostonians and British soldiers on March 5, 1770. The event became known as the Boston Massacre. Chromolithograph by John Bufford. Courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration. Parliament had expected the Townshend Revenue Act to bring in about 9 percent of the total yearly cost of paying for soldiers to protect the colonies. With customs officials unwilling to carry out their duties for fear of mob action, in 1768, the British Actions, Colonial Reactions: The Townshend Revenue Act 31 Samuel Adams, Committee-Man and Son of Liberty Samuel Adams was born on September 27, 1722, in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Mary Fifield Adams and Samuel Adams.

It raised money by taxing printed matter such as newspapers, legal documents, and even the sale of dice and playing cards. After the colonies expressed their outrage, Parliament repealed the tax. But England still needed money from the colonies to help pay for the soldiers. Charles Townshend (1725–1767), an adviser for King George III (1738–1820), informed the king and Parliament that he had figured out a way to tax the colonies without their objecting. Not only would his proposals raise money, Townshend said, they would also demonstrate Parliament’s power over the colonies.

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