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By Joshua D. Freilich

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Freilich makes an attempt to figure out why a few states have better degrees of armed forces task than others. targeting the years 1994-1995, he unearths that cultural factors—not monetary conditions--are with regards to degrees of military similar job. particularly, states with reduce degrees of lady empowerment and better degrees of paramilitary tradition have been likely to have extra defense force teams. Conversely, neither fiscal dislocation/social disorganization nor monetary prosperity/social integration have been with regards to the variety of military teams at the kingdom point. those findings recommend that courses looking to preempt military formation by way of offering monetary help will no longer succeed. in its place, such courses needs to confront cultural matters besides.

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In effect, social structural change has seriously weakened the integrative character of contemporary society and of personal and group life.... The disruption and the decline of intermediate relations and of community are viewed as Social Movement Theories and the Rise of the Militia Movement 43 having serious consequences.... giving rise to the atomistic society.... it is a bleak picture of man adrift. He is uprooted, displaced, and in a condition of anomie” (Halebsky 1976: 37-38; see also Aho 1990; Kornhauser 1959; McAdam 1982; Morris and Herring 1985; Pichardo 1998; Rogin 1967).

Right before the end of the last century, some elements of the militia movement began to underscore the possibility that disaster was threatening to strike mankind once the new millennium commenced, due to possible Y2K problems. For example, “Norman Olson, head of the Northern Michigan Regional Militia and one of the founders of the national militia movement, predicted that ‘the Y2K may be the greatest single disaster to hit the world since the Biblical flood of Noah” (Downes 1999: 4). Olson, and other militia leaders, claimed that they would be prepared for the coming catastrophe (Downes and Foster 1999; see also Churchill 2001; Kelly and Villaire 2002; for an in-depth study of the opinions and reactions of New Mexico militia and patriot members to Y2K see Tapia 2000).

They contend that sometimes social and structural changes in society result in some: “groups which feel they are losing their power and status.... a diminution of their traditional power..... The fluidity of the American social structure..... has meant that the problem of status displacement has been an enduring characteristic of American life. New areas, new industries, new migrant groups, new ethnic groups, have continually encroached upon the old as important and influential. On these occasions, variously entrenched American groups have felt disinherited.

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