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By E. J. Holmyard

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Alchemy is believed to have originated over 2000 years in the past in Hellenic Egypt, the results of 3 converging streams: Greek philosophy, Egyptian expertise and the mysticism of heart japanese religions. Its heyday used to be from approximately 800 A.D. to the center of the 17th century, and its practitioners ranged from kings, popes, and emperors to minor clergy, parish clerks, smiths, dyers, and tinkers. Even such comprehensive males as Roger Bacon, Thomas Aquinas, Sir Thomas Browne and Isaac Newton got interested in alchemical matters.

In its look for the "Philosopher's Stone" that might transmute base metals into silver and gold, alchemy took on many philosophical, non secular and mystical overtones. those and lots of different points of alchemy are explored with huge, immense perception and erudition during this vintage paintings. E. J. Holmyard, a famous student within the box, starts off with the alchemists of old Greece and China and is going directly to talk about alchemical gear, Islamic and early Western alchemy; indicators, symbols, and mystery phrases; Paracelsus; English, Scottish and French alchemists; Helvetius, cost, and Semler, and lots more and plenty more.

Ranging over millennia of alchemical historical past, Mr. Holmyard indicates how, like astrology and witchcraft, alchemy was once a vital part of the pre-scientific ethical order, arousing the cupidity of princes, the blind worry of mobs and the highbrow interest of realized males. ultimately, in spite of the fact that, with the arrival and ascension of the clinical procedure, the hopes and ideas of the alchemists pale to the prestige of "pseudo-science." That transformation, in addition to alchemy's indisputable function as a precursor of contemporary chemistry, are brilliantly illuminated during this publication. scholars of alchemy, chemistry, the historical past of technology, and the occult, plus a person drawn to the beginning and evolution of 1 of mankind's so much enduring and influential myths, probably want to have a replica of this masterly learn.

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Generally, the author of the Treatise is unaware of the proper nomenclature used in the parts of the angel conversations that were not published by Casaubon (the seven “Ensigns of Creation” are referred to as “Enochian tables,” for example). Also, in the list that Rudd gives over the Enochian alphabet, three letters are missing. Interestingly, going through T&FR we find that the only place in that volume where the characters are reproduced is in the illustration of the Holy Table. Incidentally, the engravings on the table do not use all the characters in the alphabet, but, suggestively, only the ones that Rudd seems to be aware of.

Around these people a group of practicing magicians would have formed, continuing a tradition of magical practice based on Dee and Kelley’s (and, one would have to assume, Hickman’s) earlier work. There are, however, several problems with this hypothesis. Particularly, I find two lines of argumentation to refute the claims. First of all, the conjectured transmission does not match with what we do know about the history of Dee’s manuscripts and household after his death. Secondly, I think it can be proved quite clearly that the Rudd Treatise gathered its information on Enochiana from Casaubon’s T&FR.

37 All of these are sociocultural phenomena which, I think most would agree, share some vague family resemblance to claims we associate with the practice of scrying. Such an approach would focus on the institutional role of scrying in the given period, its cultural significance and recognition, and the social expectations embedded in the practice, especially the tensions between expert and client. Some of the mystique of the angel conversations is unveiled when we consider the relation between Kelley and Dee as taking part in a culturally sanctioned practice, probably not the most common one, but one which was certainly not exceptional or unheard of.

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