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By Michael Grossberg

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A Judgment for Solomon tells the tale of the d'Hauteville case, a debatable baby custody conflict fought in 1840. It makes use of the tale of 1 couple's sour struggle over their son to discover a few timebound and undying good points of yank felony tradition. This eagerly trial sparked a countrywide debate over the criminal rights and tasks of parents, husbands and better halves. The d'Hauteville case explains why renowned trials turn into "precedents of felony experience"-- mediums for debates approximately hugely contested social concerns. It additionally demonstrates the power of person men and women to give a contribution to felony swap by way of turning to the legislation to struggle for what they wish.

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18 Such trips emerged as an issue in the matriarchal negotiations that accompanied the bargaining between David and Magnus. Miriam Sears pleaded that her daughter's family ties were too strong and her affection for Gonzalve too weak to withstand permanent exile. " Aimee d'Hauteville parried these requests. She offered vague assurances of at least a single trip to America and promised to treat Ellen like a daughter and make her feel that Hauteville was her home. " Both had compromised. The elder d'Hauteville agreed to supplement his son's income; conversely, the senior Sears doubled his daughter's marriage portion and increased her annual allowance until 1850, when Ellen's trust fund would yield a comparable income.

She made her intentions quite clear: "I do not feel it is my duty to return, when I could neither promote your pleasures, or find life supportable. I have made many sacrifices for you, and in return I looked for kindness, sympathy, and protec- Entering the Law's Shadow 23 tion from every sorrow and trouble which you could avert. I have been disappointed - still I do not intend to reproach you. It is true my health has sunk beneath the shock. " Instead, she wrote, that as the object of cruel treatment she had no choice but to act.

72 Henceforth, lawyers would counsel all of the participants in the d'Hauteville case. Their presence lengthened the shadow of the law over the d'Hautevilles by reinforcing the reliance on law to frame the dispute. Sprague and Parker sparred through late July. Gonzalve's lawyer wanted to negotiate Ellen's return directly with David. Parker rebuffed him arguing that neither David nor Miriam knew Ellen's hiding place. Sprague threatened to seek a search warrant. 73 In the meantime, Ellen sent a terse, combative message to Gonzalve.

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