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When the geminate consonant written in shorthand was a z, an additional rule applied: one should also read the shorthand in these cases as including an i-vowel following the geminate z: -az14. 82 (p. 115). 15. me-e-ek-e-eš is OH. 198 i 1ʹ) (for išpantuzziaššar); thus also the interesting pres. sg. 90:8) (for tiyēzzi in dupl. 105 ii 12ʹ) (for kappuezzi). 78, pp. 83, p. 35). 13. Syllabically written Hittite, Luwian, and Hurrian words are always written in lowercase italic letters (Hittite e-eš-zi ‘he is’, Luwian zi-la-ti-ya ‘in the future’, Hurrian al-la-ni ‘the Lady’), Akkadograms in upper case italic letters (-- ‘word’), and Sumerograms in upper case non-italic letters ( ‘king’).

22. The first comprehensive collection and study of the personal names of the Hittite texts was by Laroche (1951b, 1955). A revised and much augmented second edition appeared in 1966. Additions to this second edition were published by Gary Beckman (1983a). The Hethitologie Portal Mainz web site now contains a Répertoire onomastique prepared by Marie-Claude Trémouille in 2002. 23. For many years, the only systematic and comprehensive collection of divine names was Laroche 1947. For some reason, although he published supplements and, eventually, revised editions of his collection of personal names, Laroche never attempted to revise his collection of divine names.

2. On the origins of this script in Anatolia see Mora 1991 and Hawkins 2003. 3. On the Luwians and their language see now Melchert 2003d. 4. A good summary of the present state of our knowledge on this subject can be found in HZL 15–16. 4 Orthography and Phonology 10 as early as ca. . and left behind written documents composed in cuneiform, one might have expected that the Hittites obtained knowledge of the cuneiform writing system from them. But even a cursory comparison of Old Assyrian and Old Hittite cuneiform writing reveals that (1) the shapes of the signs (palaeography), (2) the selection of logograms (Sumerograms), and (3) the choice of signs for the expression of a given syllable (orthography) are all quite different.

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