A Grammar of Modern Telugu by B. Krishnamurti, J. P. L. Gwynn PDF

By B. Krishnamurti, J. P. L. Gwynn

ISBN-10: 0195616642

ISBN-13: 9780195616644

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This pattern is the result of mapping the Gurindji locative case suffix onto a Kriol pattern, which does not distinguish between location and goal relations. Similarly younger speakers of Gurindji Kriol are increasingly using the Kriol dative preposition to mark animate goals, despite the fact that this form is not used in Kriol in this domain. Again the Kriol form is used with a Gurindji distribution which marks animate goals, indirect objects and benefactors with the same dative case-suffix. These patterns of marking again show the continuing incursion of Kriol into the nominal system of Gurindji Kriol in both torm and distribution.

1) (6), ablative (7), source (8), perlative (9) and extent (10). (3) ngu=rna=rla. rrakap. kin-ta-wu, wari (5) yapart ngu=rla ya-na-na. woman-DAT sleep-LOC-DAT snake 'The snake sneaks up on the old woman who is sleeping: (FHM146: VD: Allative pictures) Chapter 1. -nku kawurlu-ngurlu=ma yikili (7) kula=nku=rla. nkulupal. O thus above parntawurru jiya-rna-na ngu maru-kijak. back smoke-IMPF-PRS CAT bottom-EXTENT 'After that we tum them over above (the fire) and it smokes their back right down to their bottoms: (VD:FM07_a085: Description).

1 The origins and use of Gurindji Kriol Gurindji Kriol originated from contact between non-Indigenous colonists and the Gurindji people. In the early 1900s, British colonists set up cattle stations in the Victoria River District area, including on the homelands of the Gurindji. After an initial period of violent clashes, Gurindji people were put to work on the cattle stations as stockmen and kitchen hands in slave-like conditions (Hardy, 1968). The lingua franca spoken by the station owners and the Gurindji workers was a pidginised English which was introduced through imported Aboriginal labour.

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