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America's so much acclaimed historian offers the tricky tale of the yr of the start of the USA of the US. 1776 tells gripping tales: how a bunch of squabbling, disparate colonies grew to become the U.S., and the way the British Empire attempted to forestall them. a narrative with a forged of wonderful characters from George III to George Washington, to infantrymen and their households, this exhilarating ebook is without doubt one of the nice items of ancient narrative.

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At first it was referred to as the New England army, or the army at Boston. ” Privately he described them as the “raw materials” for an army. ” In April, when the call for help first went out after Lexington and Concord, militia and volunteer troops from the other New England colonies had come by the thousands to join forces with the Massachusetts regiments—1,500 Rhode Islanders led by Nathanael Greene, 5,000 from Connecticut under the command of Israel Putnam. ” “through mud and mire,” without food or tents, seventy-five miles in three and a half days.

At a hurried meeting at 10 Downing Street, on July 26, the Cabinet decided to send 2,000 reinforcements to Boston without delay and to have an army of no fewer than 20,000 regulars in America by the following spring. Bunker Hill was proclaimed a British victory, which technically it was. But in plain truth His Majesty’s forces, led by General Howe, had suffered more than 1,000 casualties in an appalling slaughter before gaining the high ground. As was observed acidly in both London and Boston, a few more such victories would surely spell ruin for the victors.

As was observed acidly in both London and Boston, a few more such victories would surely spell ruin for the victors. At summer’s end a British ship out of Boston docked at Plymouth bearing 170 sick and wounded officers and soldiers, most of whom had fought at Bunker Hill and “all in great distress,” as described in a vivid published account: A few of the men came on shore, when never hardly were seen such objects: some without legs, and others without arms; and their clothes hanging on them like a loose morning gown, so much were they fallen away by sickness and want of nourishment.

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