Richard Wiseman's 101 Bets You Will Always Win: The Science of the Seemingly PDF

By Richard Wiseman

ISBN-10: 1509824014

ISBN-13: 9781509824014

What might you do if somebody wager you they can stability a coin at the fringe of a banknote, stroll via a postcard, or make you progress your limbs in the course of the energy of recommendation? may you're taking that bet?

From Richard Wiseman, the writer of the 350-million-view YouTube phenomenon, Quirkology, comes an exhilarating mixture of lateral pondering, magic tips and scintillating technology stunts that is bound to attract curious minds everywhere.

Using in simple terms your physique and daily loved ones gadgets, one hundred and one Bets you'll always Win is either a pragmatic advisor and illuminating exploration of the attention-grabbing technology that underpins those doubtless very unlikely challenges.

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As you cool the water down, some of the energy needed for the aforementioned whizzing is removed, and the molecules move more slowly. And when you get to very low temperatures, the water molecules move so slowly that they get close to one another and eventually link together to form solid ice. If you add salt to the water, the salt molecules get in the way of the linking-up, and so the temperature has to be even lower before the mixture becomes a solid. When you sprinkled the salt on the ice you lowered its freezing point, and so turned ice back into liquid water.

To win the bet, bend one paper clip into an ‘L’ shape, and then balance another paper clip on the arm of the ‘L’. Finally, carefully place the entire arrangement on the top of the water. Amazingly, the paper clip will float. The bet works because the molecules on the top of the water are held strongly together by surface tension, forming a thin film. This film can support very light objects, provided that they don’t disturb the tension. If people use their hands to place the paper clips in the water, the oil on their fingers disturbs the tension.

Now challenge your friend to use the objects on the table to support the smaller glass between the larger glasses. In fact, the matches are just decoys, and to win the bet you have to use the banknote! Simply accordion-pleat the banknote along its length, place it between the larger glasses like a bridge, stand the smaller glass on top of the banknote, and you have won the bet. The banknote supports the weight of the glass because the pleating increases its strength. The same idea was used in one of the world’s greatest inventions – the corrugated cardboard box.

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