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One meets at the Dome many curious types who are doing strange things for a living. On one occasion a man who has trundled a wheelbarrow from Moscow to Paris en route for Madrid ... 3 2 In the end, it was this kind of tourism that did for the artistic community of Montparnasse, as it had done to a large extent for that of Montmartre and as itwas to do in the late 1940S for Saint-Germain-des-Pres. 34 The delicate ecology of a lieu de loisirs depends on relative cheapness as it does on the even interaction between differing social categories.

142); relations between the sexes in Paris are characterized by an 'unnatural dominion' (p. 144) of women which, even though they may now use less rouge, a development for which they are given credit (p. 146), 'gives to the character of the most virtuous and accomplished woman a confidence and boldness not suited to the English taste, and not favourable to domestic felicity' (p. 145); as a result 'it is notorious that conjugal infidelity is too prevalent in every class of society' (p. 144). The 'negligence and rudeness' (p.

In fact, Montparnasse owes its artistic success in the 1920Sto its socially heterogeneous nature, which enabled it, well before World War One, to become established as a modest quartier de loisirs (entertainment district) within the capital. i" The Wall, as we have seen, maintaining high customs tariffs for the city and relatively low prices for, among other things, wine, outside the capital, led to the creation of lieux de plaisir - taverns, guinguettes, dance-halls - all along its perimeter. It was for this reason that, as in the case of Montmartre, a similar pleasure industry was developed where the Wall ran to the south, along the present-day Boulevard du Montparnasse.

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